Double Shoulder Portable Travel Backpack Outdoor Pet Dog Carrier


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1. Made of sturdy and strong canvas, leather, and straps are comfortable and suitable for you and your pet.
2. The big compartment stores toys and food for your dog. The strap uses a breathable mesh upper, and the dog can breathe easily
3. The internal design prevents the magic buckle of the collar and prevents the pet from starting to move by slightly pressing the collar connected to the pet
4. High toughness provides a protective buffer, is lightweight, washable, and non-toxic and environmentally friendly
5. The harness can hold dogs, cats and other small pets
1. Please measure your specific size of the pet before payment, please make sure that whether it is suitable for your pet
2. The package contains: 1 x pet backpack

S-30x34x16cm Pet weight≤5kg

M-36x45x21cm Pet weight≤10kg

L-55X42X25cm Pet weight≤16kg




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